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Kellyn Design Group--A Clear Choice!

The focus here is on web site design (the architect's job) and development (the actual building of the site after the design has been completed, per the design specs).

KellynDesigns began providing part-time basic computer consulting services in the PC and DOS environment to clients in way back in 1984, and published its first commercial web site in 1993. Almost by accident, as the internet grew in influence, we became involved almost exclusively with projects which helped put our clients at the forefront of the cyber frontier. In 1995, the .com suffix was added, to reflect the emphasis on the technology of internet-related projects.

Now, with a 20-year career in corporate finance left behind, the Kellyn Design Group has been launched, reflecting our established relationships with contract developers with whom we collaborate on complex development projects.

Nestled against the foothills of the Colorado Rockies, we draw creative energy from the beauty of our environment, and translate that energy into attractive, professionally done web sites that reflect the essence of our clients' image.

A Note on Internet Access and Web Hosting

Because of our focus on design and development, we do not provide internet dial-up service. Clients sometimes have their own server on which their site will reside, or they may have an account with a web hosting provider who provides space on their servers which are usually shared among many users. If you do not have a hosting arrangement in place, we will be happy to identify and secure the optimum hosting arrangement for you, considering your budget and the anticipated traffic to your site.

We have working relationships with some of the top web hosting providers available today, and can steer you toward those who we know have reputations for quality service. We purchase server space from these hosting companies in bulk and will "resell" a hosting package to you at substantial savings over the rates you would pay directly. Our philosophy is that if we build a site for you, we should be able to help you publish it to your audience in the most efficient fashion. Please ask for details if you need this service.



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