Some of our work...

At Kellyn Design Group, we consider ourselves to be partners with our clients in developing their presence on the World Wide Web. We are proud of our relationship, and would like to present a sample of our work for your review.

The National Association for Family Child Care
This site represents an example of significant re-design and development of an outdated site for a national non-profit organization. The objective of the site is to transfer information about the organization to the membership and to the general public. The site includes a number of search capabilities tied to an on-line SQL database, and dynamic content developed in a PHP scripting environment.

The Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Denver
This page is an example of how layout design can be manipulated to simulate typography as contrasted with earlier generation web design techniques. It shows how good use of white space can make content stand out when contrasted with the rest of the page and demonstrates the thematic use of an animated image.

Kellyn Labradors
This site is offered as an example of how customized backgrounds, tables, and links to other sites can be used to create a pleasing to look at, easy to navigate site with the goal of delivering information to a very specific audience. Again, notice--in spite of the number of graphic images on the pages--how quickly the home page loads, especially when compared to some of the "free" sites out on the web today.

Simerdown Labradors
This client has a strong background in graphic arts and creative design in the print media, so we knew we would be judged by some pretty high standards. This site is a good example of what can be done using a photograph to develop a custom background for your site. It's also representative of how images can be manipulated and saved as tight, compact files that load quickly so that visitors to your site don't leave before they see your pages.

The National Labrador Retriever Club, Inc.
We were asked to do a quick makeover of this site over a couple of days. The original site was mostly black text on a white background with a little colored text here and there, a product of donated web design. The client wanted the same basic content, which needed updating, and more eye appeal. We made a couple of layout changes, added some artistic touch, and voila! This site has since been redone in its entirety and is now maintained internally under their own domain, but we have kept their "makeover" site home page online as an illustration of response to an urgent request. All of the links and navigation on this original site have been disabled in favor of their new site.

The Greater Atlanta Labrador Retriever Club
This page is an example of how a simple design can provide a maximum amount of information--in this case, an organization in its formative stages when publicity is all-important. If you're a non-profit looking for ways of maximizing your exposure and distributing information, check this page. We did all of the original design and development -- again, this site has since migrated to a different web address and is maintained internally by the Club. This is not the currently functioning site, which has been substantially modified from the original design.

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