Pricing Options

Kellyn Design Group is committed to providing the very best in web page design and/or development at affordable rates. The overarching goal is to make absolutely sure that everything possible is done, within the guidelines you provide, to ensure a high quality internet presence.

The cost for the following options is based on the competitive environment in the web page design and development industry and "estimates" of the time required to provide the requested functionality to your site. If there is something you want that is not listed please ask for a quote.

Static HTML Pages (the basic straight page)
$40 per hour
CGI, Javascript, or Java
$65 per hour
Custom Logo and Graphics Design
$40 per hour, 2 hour minimum
Secure Server Transactions, E-Commerce Setup
Dynamic Site Development and Database Integration (ColdFusion, ASP, PHP, etc.)
$75 per hour
Database Design/Development
(Access, SQL, mySQL)
$75 per hour
Macromedia Flash Development
$65 per hour
Frames as standalone site
$150.00 over non-frames
Frames as mirror site
Quoted separately
Custom Image Maps, per map
Custom Animated GIFs
$75.00 and up
Other Non-listed Services
Quoted Separately

Note: All prices are subject to change, with 30 days notice to existing customers.



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