Every business has its resources, without whom basic survival would be a struggle--here's a partial list of ours:

State of the art development tools. We use the latest versions of Dreamweaver Ultra Dev, Fireworks, Freehand , and Flash almost exclusively. They say they bring life to the web--and they do it well. Visit their website and you'll understand why they are at the core of our development toolkit.

Much of our sophisticated graphics design is done using Adobe software. Whether it's Photoshop, Imageready, Illustrator, Acrobat, or any of their other products these guys understand quality.

Paint Shop Pro -- Neat 32-bit Windows program for graphics from JASC, Inc. that we use for quick-and-dirty illustration work.

And for a little humor while we work:

Web Pages That Suck -- Don't mind the name--it's tongue in cheek and highly instructional. We bookmarked this page a long time ago; great examples of what to do (or NOT to do) to avoid falling into this category.



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