Kellyn Design Group believes the most successful commercial web sites all share a common thread.  That is, the theme and feel of the site and the identity of the client are in complete harmony.  The closer the synergy between the site and the client's "brand identity", the more likely the site will be to attract and retain their target audience.  The ideal site will tightly integrate the client's web image with their company's vision and brand identity.

Kellyn Design Group achieves this integration through a unique and extremely collaborative approach to designing, developing, and implementing an internet presence for its clients. Throughout the process, thorough planning and active client participation helps to develop an understanding of the client's unique objectives, and enables the design team to identify the most effective theme or "feel" for the site.  Then, the layout is planned including content, graphics, and color schemes consistent with that theme with the ultimate goal of linking our client's image and brand identity throughout the site. 

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