Kellyn Design Group provides professional quality web site design, development and internet consulting services for clients. Non-profits receive a discount for projects which would normally bill at $1,200 or greater.

Complete Web Site Design

We offer affordable total web site design to commercial accounts and non-profit organizations. We have built a solid reputation with our clients by providing them with fast, economical solutions to their internet needs. Design services are, as the name implies, planning the architecture of the site and how the pages flow to form the complete publication. Design provides the specifications for the next step in the process--the actual site development.

Web Site Development

The development part of the process is the actual building of the site from the design specifications--the coding of the HTML pages, development of graphics and logos as required, and pulling it all together into a cohesive presentation. Normally, we are asked to provide both the design and development of sites, but we can also provide the development for sites designed by others.



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